Maintenance Request

Before submitting your Repair Request, please use the following Guide and Tips to avoid unnecessary call outs.
Residents can be charged a service fee if repairs are requested and serviceman cannot gain access.

No Power

  • Have you contacted your electricity supplier to assess if there is a fault in the street? There may be a fault in the street
  • Have you checked if the Safety Switch has been tripped? If so, reset the switch. If it trips again unplug all appliances from power points. Reset Safety Switch and plug in appliances one at a time until faulty appliance is located. If you have a fuse box check this for a blown fuse.

Lights not working

  • Check power or fuse box. Ensure the power is on and the Safety Switch has not been tripped
  • Have you replaced the light bulb? Residents are required to replace the dead bulb if it was working at the lease commencement date.

Kitchen/bathroom sink blocked

  • Have you tried using some Draino to try and free the blockage?
  • Have you tried pouring boiling water down the sink to free up old soap and hair?

Foul odour emitting from floor waste grate

  • Have you tried pouring boiling water and a little detergent down the floor waste grate? By doing this you will replace the stagnant water in the S-bend. Usually 2-3 litres are enough.

Oven not working

  • Have you checked that the power isolation switch is turned on? Typically this can be found on the kitchen splash-back wall
  • Have you set the clock on the display? Some ovens will not work unless the clock has been set.

Cook top not working

  • Gas – Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not loose or dirty? Sometimes pulling the element out and cleaning can fix the problem
  • Electric – check if power is connected or check power box for tripped switch or blown fuse..

Dryer not working

  • Is the power on?
  • Have you checked that it is not overloaded?
  • Have you checked the red reset button?
  • Have you checked the lint filter is clean? This should be done after each use.

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