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With an impressive, long-standing career in real estate, Gary exudes an air of calm confidence and is a trusted market advisor.
It’s the juicy conversations, nurtured relationships and network building that drive Gary to succeed. His structured, open and transparent approach has led to a wholesome real estate career from sales to property management, leasing to agency ownership, and auctioneering to new business. Gary’s edge is that he’s experienced it all.
Leaning on his skills and market insights, Gary offers value-packed, no-nonsense advice that’s comprehensive yet effortless to understand. He’s a stickler for playing by the rules and loves the opportunity to talk through any business or industry queries his clients or colleagues might have. Highly respected for his expert market knowledge, he’s focused on guiding investors to build their wealth through property and helping them achieve their financial goals.
A loyal Novocastrian, Family Feud contestant and Dad of two, Gary has a soft spot for Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. He’s well-versed in all the areas where families, professionals and retirees thrive and brings intrinsic knowledge and passion for the region, from its world-class beaches to its laid-back culture and business and investment potential.

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