About Beata Laucht

With a heart of gold and calm confidence, Beata is pure joy to be around. Her diverse career background brings an impressive skillset that she leverages daily in her role, and she couldn’t be happier. When you love variety, thrive on learning opportunities, and are a magnet for building solid relationships, the role of Portfolio Manager is the perfect fit.

With no flowery ego and a fuss-free, can-do approach, Beata’s work ethic is remarkable, to say the least. She’s genuine in what she says and does and consistently delivers with understanding, empathy and professionalism. As a manager, Beata shines. She’s a multitasking queen who is highly motivated to progress her industry knowledge to help guide her clients with the best advice and familiarise herself with her portfolio.

Originally from Poland, Beata moved here for love and hasn’t looked back. She adores Newcastle’s leisure playground and exploring the unbeaten tracks outdoors. She’s also an avid chef who loves trying new recipes with her eldest son, entertaining and spending quality time with great friends and delicious food.

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