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There is a lot to be said for organisation. Carrie believes that without exemplary organisation skills, you simply cannot thrive in an executive sales support role in real estate.
“I’ve been doing this for seventeen years now, and I have learned a lot along the way and met amazing people on their path to achieving their real estate goals. Two things have stayed with me throughout my career: firstly, I can’t get by without a thorough to-do list, and secondly, buyers, sellers and agents need to stay true to their goals and their future – otherwise it’s hard for anyone to achieve anything.”
Carrie’s kids are what motivate her to get out of bed in the morning – literally and inspirationally.
“Handing on a passion for variety, challenge, care for people and success to my kids is number one – and I know that it’s number one to the clear majority of our clients.”
Carrie works closely with husband and business partner, Josh, to provide their buyers and vendors with a method-based sales strategy – identifying and meeting goals and needs in the transaction is paramount. This is only achieved through close attention to the details.
“My focus is on perfecting the behind-the-scenes processes of a sale to form a complete picture before a sale takes place. My job is to coordinate all the moving parts that prepare Josh and the vendor to place a property for the market, then ensuring all property visits and open homes work like clockwork. Overall, I need to understand the purchasing circumstances of the buyer and the seller so that once we have an exchange of contract, I can work with conveyancing solicitors to keep that process moving along for both parties.”
There must be something to this meticulous service formula that Carrie has perfected over the years. She and Josh have a strong partnership, and a reputation for excellence and results within the industry. Having a passion for meeting new people and connecting them with their dream home is what got them into the industry, and it is certainly what keeps them achieving results for their clients and their family.

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