Moving House? Check out our handy check list to make that process easier!

Moving house is one of the most intense and often stressful life changes. Stronger than that, it can be the absolute pits. Check out our handy guide to make that whole process a little easier and a bit more organised

By Amanda Watson

13-03-2020 |
Buying, selling and moving houses are among life’s great journeys. These transactions provide many home owners or dwellers with exciting creative outlets – at Green St Property we help our clients across our portfolios make their Place their Home. Whether it’s a tenant wanting to add personal decorative touches, buyers looking for the perfect place to build, rebuild, expand, we happily impart our experiences and advice on our People to ensure as seamless a journey as possible.
Let’s be real, though. Moving house is one of the most intense and often stressful life changes. Stronger than that, it can be the absolutely pits.
This is mainly due to the sheer volume of minute little details that you don’t often think about when you’ve made a home purchase, or are looking to take that next dream job interstate. Sometimes, through a major move, you just need someone to tell you what you need to do – no more “decisioning”, am I right?

Ok, you asked for it – Green Street Property delivers. We’ve kept it to the absolutely crucial formulas that should never be overlooked because, well, they make the process a whole lot easier. We’ve included a comprehensive selection of additional resources that can help with the particulars.

Here we go:
Two months out
GOAL: Downsizing your possessions
OUTCOME: Less stuff to move
METHOD: Hire a skip bin or a friend’s trailer two months out and spend the weekend sorting through your current life to identify what loads you can lighten ahead of the move.
Save a pile of stuff to put on Gumtree and list it early. Get rid of it so you’re ready to move on.
FACT: What you spend on an additional trip to the tip, or a skip bin collection, you’ll likely save on a smaller truck or less manpower on the clock when moving, or offset with funds raised on Gumtree sales. Added bonus, less to unpack on the other side. Did I hear anyone say “non-financial benefit”?
-Purchase Home and Contents insurance for the new place. Just do that.
-Update address records: Australia Post have a great mail redirection service and I’ve always found this handy when moving as I often don’t remember all the records I have to update. Getting redirected mail sets a reminder of who I must reach out to. Here’s a list of essentials
oMagazine Subscriptions or regular subscription deliveries (aka Wine Club)
oYour children’s school (if you’re moving districts)
oYour employer (if you’re changing jobs)

6 weeks to one month out
GOAL: Sandbag the rest of your life to accommodate Moving Weekend, which is stressful as Hell.
OUTCOME: Reality
METHOD: Book annual leave. Don’t be that person who thinks their brain will remain unexploded if they casually pack up work for the week on Friday at 5.30pm and makes their way into Moving Weekend with everything under control. That reality is a actually a myth – you’ll need at least one day either side of Moving Weekend to run around doing all the things you forgot to do, despite us telling you not to forget. If you remember one thing at the 6-week mark, it's to book some annual leave, time-in-lieu, whatever, on the Friday before and the Monday after.
FACT: You’ll thank us.
-Stop doing the big grocery shops at about 4 weeks out. Kids will survive fine for 4 weeks on a combination of pesto pasta, vegetables, chicken nuggets and mince/sausages. Wind the pantry down.

Two weeks out
GOAL: Actually be prepared for the move
OUTCOME: Relatively successful moving experience.
METHOD: Check in with all your move-related bookings and confirm. I’ve had many a dream where I’ve booked removalists, arranged electricity connections, told my boss I was leaving my job, only to find out far too late that these scenarios never actually occurred In Real Life. Read this blog post again and follow our links to ensure you’re on track.
Pack a box of Essentials. Leave this aside during the move and have your removalist pack it last or keep room for it in your own vehicle to include things like,
-Sleepwear, toiletries and a change of clothes for everyone in the house
-Device chargers and any Bluetooth or remote-control tools that will keep the music flowing or the TV on in the background.
-Candles and a lighter – in case you missed the electricity connection memo.
-A setting of plates, bowls, cutlery, glassware for everyone in the house.
-A box of cereal, loaf of bread, vegemite and peanut butter. A hungry critter can survive on this for a while.
- Bottle of wine.

FACT: You’re surviving.
ALSO: Label packed boxes and furniture to particular rooms in your new home. Prepare a floor plan print out for your removalist company. Removalists appreciate clear direction so they can act quickly while crumbling under the weight of your ridiculously huge armchair. It’s a nice thing to do.
The last two weeks ahead of the move are really crucial to ensuring you don’t screw anything up for yourself, your family and the before and after residences involved in this experience. We recommend following this check list for week on week tips and tricks to the Moving Game

Moving Weekend
GOAL: Just get through this
OUTCOME: Just get through this
METHOD: Let’s wargame:
1.Delegate a coffee-run person. No explanation needed.
2.Start on the right foot: When the removalists or (silly) friends arrive to help, huddle everyone together and just say one big blanket “Thank you”. Get everyone to hug, perhaps. You’re all going to see the worst of each other for the next two days, but there is a time and place for manners, and it should be at the start of the day. You’d be surprised how it sets the right tone for the move, having removalists who feel acknowledged from the outset that they have one of the hardest jobs in the world and you just can’t do it without them.
3.Stand at the ready: Be the person standing at the rear of the truck, checking off everything that goes in. You’ve already said thanks to the removalists, so now you can transition into irritating, OCD-person, hawk-eyeing your possessions to check everything that is being loaded so you can double-check on the other end.
4.Stay in the moment: What this really means is: Don’t start unpacking until everything has been delivered and you’ve signed the notice that everything is in order. Therefore the Essentials box is, in fact, essential. Everything you need “immediately” should be in there and everything else can wait.
Unpacking during the move makes life impossible for
a.Removalists trying to work around opened boxes and stuff all over the place.
b.You when you’re trying to identify missing goods or if something has accidentally been broken in the move.
5.Order in. Give yourself the night off cooking (or the next three nights if you can). Allow yourself plenty of time to set up your new home without having to worry about the dishes.

For more advice, Green St Property recommends this additional link full of tips:

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