Behind the Lens - Liz Kalaf Photography

Take a glance behind the lens with Liz Kalaf

By Green St Property Sales

10-01-2018 |
Photography plays a major role in our lives, it captures moments and feelings that transcend through time, so when our resident photographer Liz Kalaf agreed to share her insights with us we jumped at the occasion. Its was our great pleasure to take a glance behind the lens, and find out what inspires Liz and learn more about her unique journey.

Why photography?

I’ve always been a visual person, so capturing what I see, and how I see it on “film” seemed the obvious path for me. I also love that you can capture moments, or a scene, and keep it, and share it.

What inspires you?

People with passion, who follow it and who let it drive them. Passion is what makes ordinary extraordinary.

What drew you to the real estate industry?

My enduring passions are architecture, design and photography. And people. Real estate ticks all the boxes.

Do you have a photography style you apply to all properties or do you change it up with each one?
I have basic rules for standard real estate photography, but many properties challenge the rules, so I often have to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. I love that! I’m still learning after 15 years in this industry.

How have you seen social media influence in your profession?

Social media has accelerated change in fashion and style, which influences photography in a huge way. And nowadays, everyone is a photographer.. So as a professional photographer, I am trying to stay a step ahead, or at least keep up with the current fashion.

What is your favourite room to photograph?

The Living room – they are generally the most spacious room, they usually offer multiple angles, often have the best furniture or styling. This is where you get the chance to break the rules, and be a bit more creative. And there are fewer reflective surfaces!

Any tips you could give owners on presenting their home/property for a shoot?

De-clutter; minimalise. I think that buyers want to imagine themselves in the home, but if every room is busy, then it’s distracting. And the camera focuses on the stuff, so it’s more difficult to make a home look appealing when you can’t see through to the actual space.
My motto is “less is best”.

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