A Beginner’s Guide to Styling

Key guidelines for any size or budget.

By Green St Property Sales

03-08-2017 |
Whether you’re looking at updating your home’s current look our opting for a total re-style there are some key guidelines to stick to no matter the size or budget.

1. Establish a Colour Scheme

Nothing freshens up a home like a new colour scheme. Start by taking in consideration what you love about how your home is already styled, there may be a statement piece you’d like to make the focal point of a room or maybe you want to create the idea of space instead. Knowing what your end-game is will help assess how best to get there during the process. Once you have determined the overall colour scheme have fun creating variation of it from room to room.

2. Balance

When choosing where to position furniture and other decorative pieces balance and scale are key. A room where everything is one height, with no texture and or depth can become extremely one-dimensional and lack interest. Ensure to play with the positioning of furnishings by experimenting with varying heights, patterns and textures.

3. Go Green

This year it’s all about the indoor plant and we at Green St absolutely love it! Adding plants to a room is one of the most cost-effective tricks of the trade. Not only do plants bring life to a space they also create a sense of grandeur and brighten up any space.

4. Strength in Numbers

Make a bold statement by grouping similar frames in different sizes creating a feature wall and a stronger design element than they would be individually. Mix and match artist prints, photos and typography for a cool modern look.

5. Less is more

Never underestimate the power of negative space, objects need room to breathe and are more impactful with less clutter. Invest in pieces with clean lines and mostly muted tones so that your feature pieces can shine.

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