Danny de Carvalho

Commercial Portfolio Manager | Green St Property Whether you’re a prospective tenant or the owner of a commercial holding, it’s worth your time to speak with Danny at Green St Property management. Having been in the real estate industry for more than three decades, it’s likely the scenario you find yourself in is not new to him and there is comfort and confidence in leaving your investment in hands as safe as his.

Commercial leasing is not without challenges and finding the line of best fit for both parties in a commercial lease arrangement takes a special skill set and thorough knowledge of the leasing landscape. Danny knows it’s up to him to keep on top of the regulations and rules around commercial leasing so that his tenants and owners can be confident their property agreement is sound.

“Early on in my career, I managed the leasing of the ‘new’ Junction Shopping Village – that was a great experience, but a lot has changed in commercial real estate over the years.

“One thing that has remained is the need for me to be the guy in the middle, representing the interests of both parties.

“I love negotiation and meeting new people, so real estate is a natural fit for me. Connecting with people and navigating an agreement together is what has kept me fresh in this industry after so long.

“Investing in commercial property, both as a tenant and as an owner, is a huge commitment and there are risks as well as opportunities on both sides. Working with an agent who will ask the important questions to understand the real expectations and outcomes for each party increases the chance of a fair and beneficial agreement being reached.”

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