Kathy Mooney

Accounts Administrator | Green St Property Kathy uses her experience to her clients’ advantage, with one clear distinction over many others in real estate. The concept of a client is all-encompassing to Kathy; she seeks each day the opportunity to build solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved – residents, owners, potential purchases and fellow colleagues involved in a transaction. It is through organisation, planning and focusing on results, that has seen Kathy through years of success. She stands out as a true Green Street team member.

“Who in the team would I swap roles with for the day?

Clients appreciate a manager who is service-driven and open to looking outside the box for new strategies to meet their needs. I’ve always been driven to find more ways to develop in my role, to learn new skills that will serve my client. Despite my years of experience, I have yet to learn the commercial portfolio management, so I would choose an opportunity to work alongside that team for the chance to grow.

I’m new to this city and this role, so I’m looking forward to spending my downtime exploring and understanding Newcastle and all it has to offer so that I can reflect that in the service I offer to Green Street clients.


Phone: 02 4926 3301
Email: accounts@greenstreet.com.au

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