Carly Pukallus

Senior Portfolio Manager | Green St Property “If I could spend one hour in the shoes of another Green St Property colleague, I’d choose Pete (our Green St Licensee). I’d love to understand all facets of the real estate world, and his job would teach me so much about the sales excellence side.”

Carly thrives on the “looking after” element that is the critical component of portfolio management. Wherever an issue arises, Carly sets her sights on identifying the best solution, leaving our clients inevitably satisfied with their outcome.

Carly starts each day by setting an intention to realise her full potential and show gratitude for her opportunities. She brings this intention to the Green St office and applies it through her work ethic and seeking out the best prospects for Green St Property clients. Our property portfolios have never been in better hands, as we see Carly work her magic to ensure swift attention is paid to the upkeep of our clients’ investments and ensuring comfortable living standards for our tenants. Solutions are delivered responsively and above industry standard and we believe Carly’s approach distinguishes Green St Property as the exceptional service provider we strive to be.

How does Carly unwind at the end of a meticulous day of meeting the needs of others?

“Oh…. Reality TV: it definitely chills me out after a big day….”

What Carly's clients are saying

I'd like to thank you for all your help throughout my tenancy, I definitely rate yourself and Green Street Property as one of the best I've dealt with. Louise Thanks SO much for your help with this – you’ve just been awesome and so spot on. Martine

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